Rashmi and Shehan’s Wedding at Vogue Ballroom

Rashmi and Shehan’s wedding day at the Vogue Ballroom was a spectacle of elegance and grandeur, captured with the meticulous attention of our photographer and videographer at Priceless Moments Photography. The day began with the couple’s preparations, where laughter and excitement filled the air, setting a joyful tone for what was to come.

As guests arrived at the Vogue Ballroom, they were greeted by the breathtaking sight of crystal chandeliers hanging from tall ceilings and the grandeur of a marble foyer, which painted a perfect picture of sophistication. The ceremony was held under these magnificent chandeliers, with Rashmi and Shehan exchanging vows in an atmosphere brimming with elegance.

Following the heartfelt ceremony, the couple made a grand entrance into the reception, walking down the marble foyer that led to the main ballroom. The balcony overlooking the ballroom served as the perfect spot for the couple’s first photos as newlyweds, offering panoramic views of their beautifully decorated venue.

The reception unfolded into a vibrant celebration with music and dancing, set against the backdrop of the ballroom’s luxurious décor. Our team captured dynamic shots of the couple’s first dance, the lively party that followed, and the intricate details of the setting that made their day truly unique.

The Vogue Ballroom, with its opulent interiors and sophisticated design, was chosen specifically for its ability to embody the grace and sophistication that Rashmi and Shehan sought for their big day. From the tall, ornate ceilings to the expansive marble foyer, every element of the venue added to the splendor of the occasion.

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