Melissa and Mitch’s Wedding at Eynesbury Homestead

Melissa and Mitch chose the enchanting Eynesbury Homestead for their wedding, perfectly blending historic charm with their unique personal touches. Our team at Priceless Moments Photography was there to capture every intimate detail of their heartfelt celebration amid the rustic beauty of this iconic venue.

The day began under the expansive skies of Eynesbury, where history meets modern sophistication. The homestead, originally built in 1872, has been meticulously renovated, preserving its inherent charm while adding contemporary allure. The exquisite Ms Peacock restaurant and bar, with its striking decor, provided a captivating setting for the wedding festivities.

As the couple exchanged vows, our photographer and videographer focused on capturing the warmth and inviting atmosphere of the venue, highlighting the ornamental lakes and heritage buildings that create a picturesque backdrop.

The reception unfolded in Eynesbury’s dedicated marquee, surrounded by meticulously manicured gardens where resident peacocks added a touch of whimsical grace. The 18-hole golf course, a testament to manicured perfection, framed the celebration with sophistication, offering stunning landscapes for our photography.

Throughout the day, from the laughter-filled vows to the joyous dances, our Melbourne wedding photographer and videographer team captured timeless moments. The couple’s love story was woven into the fabric of this historic and contemporary union, making every moment a priceless memory.

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